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The Taste Of Tradition

About Us

Happyos caters to the cooking needs of house wives and those who need easy and quick cooking solutions. Happyos reaches the houses located in every nook & corner of the country through its strong marketing network.Success of Happyos lies in the innovation of manufacturing procedures, as there were no definite machineries for specific production of spice and spice mixes. With the growing experience, suitable changes were made in order to match the requirements that made all the differences in manufacturing spice powders and spice mixes which retain the aroma and flavour.The company uses modern technology in drying the raw materials. We can declare that Happyos is qualitatively a superior product because the raw materials used are the best and are processed and packed hygienically.

Cooking with Happyos makes every day delightful. It creates a mood of celebration ever time your family has eating experience with Happyos.

To become a number one globally recognized food product manufacturing company and lead the way by providing healthy and caring products to our customers.

We have embarked on this mission and following this as a culture across all department of our organization. We wish to be recognized as the best spice manufacturer, reaching every kitchen across the world and spreading the goodness and flavors of food with mother’s touch.

We designed our process with a sense of providing ultimate quality to our customers, our food products are packed with richness of health and lasting flavors. We “SP caring product India Pvt Ltd” is dedicated to providing a sustainable health to the people and the planet.

“Happyos” is a registered trademark of SP Caring products India private limited and currently have more than 18+ products under 6 categories.

“The taste of tradition” as the word says, our brand revolves around protecting our tradition in the art of preparing the spices. It lasts in our taste buds and asks for more and more!

About Founders

The company was founded by Mr. R.Suresh and his wife, who were pioneers in the food processing field with a handful of experience! Mr. R.Suresh, Managing Director of the Company is an engineer from R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore. He is specialized in advance automation technology especially in the field of food processing industry and packaging machineries. His contributions and knowledge in food processing fields is the outcome of the growing brand “Happyos”!